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    Formerly Kartridges for Kidz & High Dollar Empties a Division of Dazz Technologies LLC

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    Recycle Your Empty Print Cartridges and Turn your Trash into Cash or Free Technology Supplies

    We have the Highest Buy Back Prices in the Industry and the Quickest turnaround time on checks/payments (3-14 days)!

    Please Keep Us In Mind When Ordering GENUINE NEW Toner Cartridges For Your Printing Needs
    We Are NOW Selling New & Unused Genuine Ink and Toner Cartridges

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    New & Unused Genuine Ink and Toner Cartridges
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    If you are currently sending your empty cartridges to multiple companies but you would like to simplify the process and ship everything to one company but still maximize your monetary return we would like to be that company. In most situations we can match our competitorís pricing. Please allow us that opportunity by calling us at 866-543-9465 or emailing us at dazzrecycling@yahoo.com with your cartridge list and desired pricing and we will see what we can do.

    We are currently paying top dollar for most genuine NEW AND UNUSED name brand OEM inkjet and laser cartridges as well as certain copy machine toners. So check your storage or supply room to see if you have any cartridges collecting dust !!!

    How would this Laser and Inkjet Cartridge Fundraising Program benefit my school or Organization?

    This is a quick and easy way to earn money - without selling or buying!

    How does this program work?

    All you have to do is collect empty cartridges to recycle and return them for money.

    How do I get started?

    It's as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Start Collecting Cartridges. Please download How and Where to Collect Cartridges for ideas to help with your colection efforts..
    2. Check our Acceptable Cartridge List and print the Cartridge Inventory Sheets.
    3. Complete the Cartridge Inventory Sheets and fax it to us in advance or enclose a copy in each box. If a Cartridge Inventory Sheet is not filled out we will take inventory of your empties for you.

    It's as simple as that!

    Once we receive your cartridges, we'll send you your "Rewards" in the form of a check. We have the highest buyback prices in the industry and the quickest turnaround time on payment (3-14 days)!

    Effective Immediately: For every Laser Cartridge we receive that is damaged, previously refilled, or not on our Accepted Cartridge List we will deduct $1.00 from payment. Also, if only a small precentage of the Lasers are broken, previously refilled, or not on our Accepted Cartridge List you will not be penalized and we will make every effort to absorb these losses. This only applies to Laser Cartridges only, not Inkjet Cartridges. Please understand that these situations inflate our shipping costs and also incur handing costs on our end to properly dispose of the cartridges and in the long-run causes us to lower our pricing.

    Dramatic Buy-Back Price Increases on Many Empties

    High Demand Cartridges:

    Canon 211XL $1.00
    Canon 260XL 261XL $2.00
    HP 60XL Blk $1.25
    HP 67XL $2.00
    HP 65XL $1.50
    HP 62 $2.00
    HP 62XL $2.00
    HP 61XL Blk & Clr $2.00
    HP 901 Clr/901XL $1.00
    HP 15 $2.50
    HP 45 $2.50
    Brother TN-730/TN-760 $1.00
    Canon 052H $3.00
    Dell B2360/B3460 $1.50
    HP 37X $3.00
    HP 58X $6.00
    HP 87A $3.00
    HP 87X $4.00
    HP 89X $3.00
    HP 89Y $4.00
    HP 147X $3.00

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    Apex, NC 27603

    Phone: (866) 543-9465
    Fax: (866) 454-5439